Property Services

Property Services creates, delivers and maintains cost and environmentally-efficient designed shops that allow the John Lewis and Waitrose businesses to unlock their full potential.

In everything we do we aspire to respond to the changing needs of our customers, by delivering consistent quality services through flexible, agile and expert teams working at the heart of the divisions.  Our customers include our Partners working in our buildings; their happiness is the ultimate purpose of the Partnership, and we know our buildings are one aspect that contributes to this happiness.

Our business has always strived to work for the benefit of the community too, as an employer, a provider of great value products, and as a supporter of local initiatives and we are determined that the buildings that make up our estate aren’t just built in a sustainable way but also play their part in benefiting the community too.

The context we operate in means we are a team who quickly embrace and adapt to change, drive innovation and push the boundaries. We think long term, we make bold decisions and we are award winning. We aim to exceed expectations.

Here are the core areas we work in and some of the team

Sustainable Development

Moira Thomas, Sustainability Manager

I previously worked in the Partnership’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team and moved into Property Services when a new Sustainable Development team was being created. It was fantastic to be part of forming a new team and my role continues to give me fantastic opportunities to drive and influence our business to design, build and operate more sustainable properties.

Future Planning

Kevin Brewster, Design Standards & Cost Model Manager

Property Services provides me with fantastic opportunities to engage with teams and specialists from across the Partnership. This enables me to be at the forefront in supporting our strategic decision making process, which directly influences our sustainable future and benefits all partners. The role I play in Future Planning is incredibly fulfilling.

Commercial Management

Antony Jackson, Manager, Commercial Analysis, Maintenance

Property Services is a very large and varied directorate covering designing, planning, building, acquiring, safe-guarding, maintaining and refurbishing of over 500 individual properties. My role spans both John Lewis and Waitrose and my team focus on advising, managing and planning the financial activity for the Maintenance teams. I enjoy working across both divisions as it provides many challenges and although the goals are the same, the methodology used in achieving them is different.I’m also involved in the democratic side of the business, working closely with my peers to contribute views surrounding democracy and sharing information to our wider team.

Construction Management

Chris La Thangue, Construction Programme Manager

Within Property Services I’ve been stretched, developed and rewarded with new challenges. Each day and every project is different – this has kept me motivated whilst giving me a variety of skills to learn or fine tune. In addition to projects, there are several other avenues to explore – I have represented the John Lewis Construction and Engineering team within our democratic bodies, developed our core skills framework and been on several working groups.

Maintenance and Facilities

Jo Brazell, Branch Maintenance Manager, John Lewis

My role is very demanding, equally rewarding and no two days are the same. The team are honest and very supportive. The culture is that of openness and improvement – including sustainability, business development and progression, energy savings and money management.I represent my colleagues within our democratic bodies; democracy has changed hugely in my time at the Partnership. I enjoy getting involved, trying to make a difference to my colleagues working lives, processes and relationships with their line managers and the wider leadership team.

Property Development

David Reilly, Asset Manager

In property you have to be sociable and every day is different. I enjoy working with our internal teams, external consultants and landlords in order to help keeps property costs down, add value and protect our business.