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Our Security function plays a key role in protecting the Partnership. As Experts across all aspects of Security, our Partners work to protect the Partnership, our Partners and our customers from harm, and to minimise the loss of profit from the Partnership and the reputational damage that this would incur.

What makes us different

The Partnership is an exciting and interesting place to work and we think our co-ownership, industry and team set us apart for a career that will bring out the best in you.

  • The unique nature of the John Lewis Partnership. This means we are co-owners of the Partnership. We have responsibilities beyond our job outlines to act and make decisions on behalf of the business and Partners past, present and future. It also means that we are privately owned so we aren’t constrained by shareholder demands or the short term focus that regular reporting to the city requires. As co-owners, we all participate in our democracy-led forums which are a critical way to challenge leadership and hold them to account. This means your voice is heard and Partner opinion is represented all the way through our organisation, even on our Board where there are three Elected Directors.

  • We are going through a retail and digital revolution. JLP has successfully navigated through a challenging external market as customers’ needs and preferences change. The business constantly adapts to face those changes and build long term relationships with its customers through our existing shops and new ventures in Financial Services or Property. Therefore it’s an exciting and interesting place to work.

  • Our Partners combine hard work, dedication, imagination and community spirit and this contributes to our bottom line. It’s this Partnership culture that makes the team a great place to work and meet new colleagues and friends. 

What is it like to be a Partner in Security?

We welcome people into our team of any and all backgrounds, and our aim is to nurture as diverse and inclusive an environment as possible where all talent can thrive. All we ask for is an aptitude for working with people, a positive and challenging mindset, as well as a passion for our business. 

Security continues to open its eyes to diversity and we are an eclectic bunch, a mix of genders, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientation and neurodiverse thinking. We embrace the challenge, the ideas and the innovation that comes from diversity of thought, and how we can harness the passions that individuals within the function have.

We are proud to embrace flexible working, and would be happy to discuss any particular arrangements with potential applicants. 

What Security roles do we offer?

Within our Security team, you’ll find a varied and interesting career, whether it’s as a Profit Protection Area Manager, a Risk Reporting Analyst or a more senior position such as Head of Security & Shrinkage. No matter what path you take, you’ll be supporting the Partnership which you will be a co-owner of. We’ll also give you the necessary training and development you need to fulfil your potential with us.

Within Security, we have subject matter experts within three distinct specialities operating Pan Partnership:

  • Security & Shrinkage
  • Health & Safety
  • Security Awareness

Within each team each role is different and so, when applying for roles, do check out the essential and desirable skills required in the Job Outline. We work together across the Security function, and in many areas there will be opportunities for you to develop yourself across many different teams. This could be either through project work, short-term moves or more formal moves. Even though JLP is a big organisation, it feels much more connected with strong collaboration across Security and with the wider business.

You can discover more about some of our roles below:

Security & Shrinkage

The Security and Shrinkage Team works to protect Partners, customers and assets from malicious harm. We help to minimise shrinkage and provide first line response, and support, in the event of physical security incidents. We work across the Partnership to prevent and detect instances of crime, fraud or loss wherever they may occur. We work hand in glove with our Security function colleagues to protect our profits and Partners. We are made up of five areas outlined below:

Profit Protection

We are a national, field-based team of five regions, each led by a Profit Protection Regional Manager (PPRM). Each region is then subdivided into four areas that are led by a Profit Protection Area Manager (PPAM).

We are the first line of support and response in the event of a physical security incident.

The team works in collaboration with the Investigations Team – conducting investigations into criminal activity (both internal and external to the Partnership).

Our team provides operational leadership and oversight of all field-based security resources – including John Lewis & Partners Loss Prevention Partners (LPPs) and third party Security Officers in Waitrose.

Payment Fraud

We protect our customers and the Partnership from malicious actors seeking to gain financially by attempting to place orders with us using unauthorised payment and/or customer details.

We have a team of subject matter experts, supported by a third party manual screening team, and a suite of automated and manual fraud detection tools and techniques. We have created a multi-layered approach to payment fraud detection across our Partnership payment channels.

Tools & Vendor Management

We evolve our Profit Protection toolset and manage third-party contractual relationships to drive performance, improve terms & conditions and reduce costs. We ensure we have a contract with all Profit Protection suppliers and service reviews are conducted holding suppliers to account, and that our GNFR budget is tracked and supplier financial admin is completed. 

We do this by ensuring a Vendor Management strategy is in place, and establishing relationships with Procurement and Tech & Change to support the development of a platform roadmap, and ensure Security is strategically supported.

Secure by Design

We work with change and new propositions to support their success by reducing exposure to risk; working with stakeholders from across the business to proactively identify, highlight and mitigate risk in relation to Partner/Customer Safety and Shrinkage.

Our team actively seeks engagement to review propositions and change for potential risks, and work with the stakeholders to develop measures to mitigate those risks to a level to which the business is willing to tolerate.

Investigations Team

We provide Partners, customers and the business with reassurance. We investigate criminal activity and significant breaches of policy that may result in a financial loss to the business, reputational damage or have caused harm to Partners.

We identify weaknesses in our processes, and work with our Secure by Design team to design out crime or ensure early detection.

We take Investigations seriously, and will do all we can to get the right outcome. 

Our Specialist Investigation Team are subject matter experts who have been trained to investigate crime and carry out interviews using recognised techniques. 

We work closely with the Police and other external agencies to ensure that perpetrators of crime are identified and brought to justice, ensuring that any monies owed as a result of a crime are reimbursed back to the business.

We encourage Partners, customers and third parties to share potential concerns directly with us, or via the Whistleblowing line.

Part of the investigations team, the Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers the strategy regarding physical security, incident management, investigations and fraud support, compliance, audit and business operations, in order to protect the Partnership’s assets, premises and Partners. The team provides advice and guidance on security procedures and issues. They also manage alerts, incidents and provide support in realtime, using various systems including alarm, CCTV and access controls.

Health & Safety

The Safety Team’s purpose is to be the source of competent health and safety advice to the Partnership, and to support the Partnership in managing health and safety risk.

The primary objective of the team is to be a central support function which advises on safety strategy, policy, procedure assurance and emerging safety hazards and risks for all areas of the Partnership.

The Team’s key purpose is to ensure that Partners (and any third parties who may be affected by our activities) remain safe, and that the Partnership is legally compliant with all relevant safety legislation.

Our team is led by the Partnership’s Health & Safety Lead and together, our small expert team delivers the Partnership Safety Plan. Amongst other things, we:

  • Manage investigations into serious incidents providing subject matter expertise for emergencies
  • Provide all Partners with the support, knowledge, tooling and processes to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities, and for teams across the Partnership to design and run safe and secure operations.
  • Continuously improve and develop the Partnership’s safety management across the business.
  • Deliver and develop key safety projects.
  • Provide support in the planning, measuring, reviewing and auditing of business activities.
  • Ensure compliance and provide assurance to/for senior leadership teams.
  • Liaise, for the Partnership, with regulatory agencies including Environmental Health.
Security Awareness

The primary purpose of the team is to raise the profile of the Security and Safety function, and to enable Partners to operate safely and securely, protecting themselves, our customers and the Partnership.

The purpose of the Risk Reporting team is to identify, assess and build awareness about the effective management of all security risks on behalf of the Partnership.

The Risk Reporting Team provides current, accurate, and a relatable expression of the Partnership’s Security risks, measured against the Partnership Risk appetite. The team will enable the ongoing management of both persistent risks and new ones, expressing these through a range of Dashboards Risk reporting tools.

The team works collaboratively with the Security function Leads developing strategy to prevent and reduce the impact of security incidents, trends in compliance and/or events to ourselves. We collate data from internal and external sources to express and demonstrate our Partnership risk position, bringing to life how the Partnership is performing to influence strategy and decision making.

The Education and Awareness team strive to promote every Partner’s understanding of the importance of safety and security, both for themselves and the Partnership.

We use the full range of channels and engagement opportunities available to provide insights on our security risk, to prioritise activities and hold ourselves to account. 

We provide current, clear, and consistent high quality safety and security information, guidance, education and encourage dialogue.

We represent and express the voice of authority of the Security and Safety experts, and sponsor that voice in all Partnership engagement with the key areas of risk on behalf of the Partnership.

What benefits will I receive when I join?

It’s a fantastic time to join the Partnership. We have two very strong brands – John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners. As the retail world is changing around us, we’re continually evolving our strategy and our proposition, to lead the way in meeting the needs of our customers and to stay ahead of our competitors.

Because of this, we’re able to offer industry leading benefits. These include a share in the profits, pension scheme, subsidised learning, access to exclusive Partner Hotels, a Partnership discount card and free access to many UK Heritage sites. Discover our full range of benefits.

Being a co-owner in our business  means sharing the responsibilities as well as the rewards – profit, knowledge and power. Find out more about The Partnership Difference.

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