Convenience Store job openings

The aim of Little Waitrose & Partners stores is to make life easier for our customers while providing the renowned service that Waitrose & Partners are recognised for. By opening more Little Waitrose convenience stores, our commitment to helping a wider range of customers is quickly becoming reality. Our new convenience store growth programme has been well received across the UK and continues to grow at a substantial rate.

This is where you come in!

Growth creates opportunities and with Waitrose & Partners, you can aspire to further your retail career in an exciting new branch of stores. Read on below to discover more.

Convenience Store Assistant jobs

As a member of our convenience store team, you will be exposed to a faster-paced working environment with a need to be more flexible and innovative than those in our supermarkets. It’s a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and to develop an ever-growing skillset, with the benefits of being a member of the Partnership.

What will I do as a Convenience Store Assistant?

At our Little Waitrose & Partners Convenience stores, it’s a far more responsive set-up where teams have to adapt to new situations quickly and they get greater insight to departments that they might not have in our larger stores.

Within this role, you will:

  • Be a customer facing Waitrose brand ambassador
  • Adapt to a fast-moving retail environment
  • Go the extra mile for customers with a smile
  • Gain a wider knowledge of Waitrose products, values and beliefs

Will I suit this role?

If you have a passion for customer service, excellent communication skills and the desire to challenge yourself then a Waitrose Convenience Store Assistant role will be perfect for you. By joining our team of partners at this early stage, you will become a substantial driver of growth for our convenience store department.

What training will I receive?

We encourage all our Partners to tap into their potential through training and development, so if you’re keen to build your skillset further, we can help facilitate this through additional support.

What benefits can I enjoy?

As a Partner in our business, you will also enjoy the perks of being part of something unique as our business is an open, honest and transparent place to work as we are all co-owners. This means you’ll receive unrivalled benefits including a Partnership discount, an annual bonus and ticket subsidies.

Convenience Store Manager jobs

As well as our important convenience store assistant roles, we are looking to fill more senior roles from Team Managers to Store Managers. This is a perfect opportunity for you to take that next step in your management career with a recognised, rewarding, and reputable retailer. All that is required of you to become a partner in our management team, is someone who inspires their colleagues, provides excellent customer service, and can take ownership of their managerial role.

Join our team of Partners at any of our convenience stores, and you’ll find yourself helping to build the future of our business. And, by being part of it at this early stage, you’ll be able to have a big impact. Simple, really.

You’ll find a wide range of full and part-time, temporary and permanent Convenience Store vacancies available throughout the UK.

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