Flexible Working at the John Lewis Partnership

The Partnership understands that offering true flexible working can help to make sure we meet both the needs of the Partnership and provides Partners with a work-life balance. This supports us in achieving our ultimate purpose – Working in Partnership for a happier world. 

Rule number 47 in our constitution highlights our responsibility to promote each other’s well being and recognises the importance of a healthy balance between the Partnership’s needs and Partners’ personal lives. 

What does flexible working mean at the John Lewis Partnership?

Flexible working will mean different things to you based on your personal needs, the requirements of your role and how this supports you in achieving your goals at both work and home. By joining the Partnership, your individual and unique story will be considered and adapted to as much as reasonably possible. Flexible working has become the new normal, and we value our Partners’ desire to prioritise their work/life balance with a need for jobs with flexible hours. 

What are the types of flexible working?

Conversations about flexible working are welcomed in the Partnership; below are examples of flexible working arrangements that have been agreed:

  • Part-time
  • Job share
  • Flexible working hours
  • Reduced hours
  • Compressed hours
  • Term time hours
  • Seasonal working
  • Flexible retirement
  • Home working
  • Hybrid working
  • Or a combination of arrangements.

What are the advantages of flexible working?  

Flexible working has become, quite rightly, a priority for both Partners and job seekers. A flexible workplace leads to positive mindsets and positive ideas, which is why at the Partnership, we strive to be as flexible as possible.  Our Partners tell us they experience the following benefits of flexible working at the Partnership: 

  1. An increase in morale and productivity
  2. More job satisfaction
  3. Better work scheduling
  4. Reduced/no commute.


We’re really proud to have won WM People’s Top Employer Award 2022 for ‘Best for Family Support’. The award recognises the market leading policies and practises we’ve put in place to support working families in the Partnership which includes our approach to flexible working.

Current Flexible Working Job Opportunities

We support agile working practices across the Partnership. If you’re looking for flexible working options please discuss this at your interview, each role will have a different level of flexibility. To view and search for our current vacancies, click on Search Jobs.