Technology and Change

Strong, dynamic and constantly evolving, Technology and Change capabilities are critical to the success of our organisation and we are always looking to fill our range of John Lewis IT jobs.

We’re growing as a multi-channel retailer and we’re always looking out for new advancements across all our activities to improve what we do. Technology will be the single most important factor to fulfilling our ambitions of being a leading digital retailer. Alongside this, we need to deliver world-class business change so that across the Partnership we adapt to constantly be at the forefront of our market.

Technology is becoming more and more ingrained in everything we do as a multi-channel retailer, from technology systems that allow our Buyers to analyse consumer trends, to systems that pay our suppliers on time and monitor our store and warehouse stock levels, we are always looking for innovative and technical individuals to join our Partnership.

Our Head Offices in London and Bracknell are home to our digital infrastructure and have the constant need to expand and evolve to keep up with industry and technological trends – even excelling them if possible.

Our digital developer teams are made up of many cogs, from Change and Programme Managers who ensure our customers remain at the centre of all our Projects, to our software engineers that contributed to our ‘quick check’ system which makes shopping quicker and easier or our security engineers that provide the secure payment systems for our customers.

The potential for the use of technology at every touchpoint of our business is limitless and the reach of Business

Change is endless.

Our current opportunities across the John Lewis Partnership include:

Software Engineer Jobs

Filling one of our software engineering jobs will see you join one of our 60+ IT teams responsible for helping to deliver our multi-channel retail experience for our customers. Working on everything from Cloud platforms to mobile apps and e-commerce functionality to machine learning, our software engineers have excellent technical skills and a track record in delivering high quality software development.

Discover more about our Software Engineer jobs here.

Software Architect Jobs

Our software architects work closely with all our digital teams to ensure that our software systems and applications are in line with our stakeholders wants and needs – be it customer or Partner – our software architects operate as top-level decision-makers. This means that as a software and technical architect you will determine the design choices, technical standards and general software architecture that we will deliver for our customers and Partners alike to enjoy.

Discover our range of Software Architect jobs here.

Information Security

The Information Security team operates services that help to protect the Partnership’s systems and data from cyber attacks. The team is made up of three specialist areas:

Secure by Design

We maintain the Partnership’s Information Security Policy and Standards, and help projects to understand risk levels and mitigation options in their design. We also assess BAU security risk, and assure third party security and that of key controls that protect our most sensitive data.

Threat Defence

Working closely with our IT colleagues, we carry out threat analysis, scan IT systems for vulnerabilities, test security controls, and engineer a security platform that provides detect and respond capability.

Incident Response

We continuously improve our monitoring accuracy and our incident run books, we prepare ourselves for major incidents with the aid of table top exercises, and we manage security incidents day to day – including out of hours.

Discover our range of Information Security jobs here.

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