IT is the future. We’re growing as a multi-channel retailer and we’re always looking out for new advancements to improve what we do. We aim to be a leading retail IT capability and we believe technology will be the single most important factor to fulfilling our ambitions.

From IT systems that allow our Buyers to analyse consumer trends, to systems that pay our suppliers on time and monitor our store and warehouse stock levels. From our ‘quick check’ system which makes shopping quicker and easier, to secure payment systems for our customers. From ‘click & collect’, to kiosks and use of iPads in store. The potential for the use of technology at every touch point of our business is limitless.

Our opportunities across the Partnership include Architects, Business and Systems Analysts, Project Managers, Team Leaders and Developers. Together, we’re sharing knowledge to make sure we’re using IT in the most innovative ways possible. But you’ll join a dedicated team that’s focusing on the needs of either Waitrose, John Lewis or Partnership Services. Time to find out more.

John Lewis IT

We’re all set to be Britain’s leading omni-channel retailer. But our ambitions cannot compromise the very experience our customers receive from us, whether that’s in-store, online or via their mobile. So our approach has to be seamless. Inter-connected. Effortless and enjoyable.

And that’s where you come in. At John Lewis, we’re immersed in our biggest ever strategic technology challenge to integrate our award-winning omni-channel customer service offering to deliver an even richer and more informed customer experience than ever before. Find out what our Partners have to say on the matter by scrolling down.


Whether you’re a Designer, Analyst, Project Manager, Team Leader or Developer, we’re always looking for those who find technology as fascinating as we do.

Jake – “The investment in IT and its people is really significant.”

“I’m responsible for delivering the IT aspects of a range of business projects that aim to develop the Partnership while delivering an excellent service to our customers. One of the most innovative and exciting projects I’ve worked on was extending our online sales platform overseas. The project lasted for nine months and involved everything from enabling the website to operate internationally, to making sure goods could be shipped through customs. We could see the growth of international sales as they happened, which was really exciting and rewarding.

In the three and a half years that I’ve been at John Lewis, I’ve gone from managing relatively small projects with a handful of people, to co-ordinating work across a number of teams. So there’s been the chance to progress with this increased responsibility, as well as the fact that John Lewis has given me the opportunity to gain formal qualifications such as PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner. We’re also going through a huge period of change – that’s why a job here is such an exciting prospect at the moment. There’s a massive catalogue of game-changing projects in the pipeline, and the investment in IT and its people is really significant. So there are real opportunities here for long-term career progression.”

Kendal – “It’s a really exciting time to join John Lewis IT.”

“I’m currently leading a stream of a huge project to overhaul the John Lewis website. My stream is responsible for building the system that the business uses to manage the set up of product information for the website. I lead a team of 12 people from various areas of the business, as well as external contractors. It’s a vitally important project that will enable us to realise our goal to grow our online business to £1 billion. For me, it’s a very interesting, innovative and multi-faceted project to be a part of, as we’re using multiple new cutting-edge technologies and project methodologies.

Once the new website is established, we’ll be able to improve the synergy between online selling, bricks and mortar stores, and other sales channels such as call centres and mobile applications. So it’s a really exciting time to join John Lewis IT. Our board-level IT Director has set us the objective of becoming the “leading retail IT team in the UK”. This will be achieved through new ways of working, embracing new technologies and methodologies, and through true IT partnering with the rest of the business. We’re actively growing our department to enable this.

IT is critical to the success of the Partnership right now, and will be even more so in the future, as the business becomes more reliant on us to facilitate growth and our multi-channel strategy. The wider business is increasingly aware of the need to work with IT to enable change and growth and the organisational structures are now in place to make this happen. It’s truly rewarding to play a key part not only in this growth, but in such a successful organisation.”

Angela – “The Partnership has provided me with many opportunities.”

“At the moment, I’m working on a hugely exciting project that is absolutely crucial to the ongoing success of the Partnership – re-platforming the entire website. As you can imagine, this is no mean feat. There are two strands to my involvement: workstream management and technical lead. So as well as managing the integration streams and their plans, changes and resources, I’m also looking at the integration of the site as a whole. Working closely with the Solutions Architect and other technical leads, it’s down to me to ensure we make design decisions which are sustainable for the future.

The re-platforming of the website is probably the most important IT project taking place in the business at the moment, as it will enable the Partnership to achieve its current strategic goals. It’s a very innovative project, which challenges me every day. This is something that’s really important to me – my role has variety and gives me the chance to work outside my comfort zone. I push myself every day on every piece of work I do and, in return, the Partnership has provided me with many opportunities to take on responsibilities that allow me to prove myself and develop my career. So it works both ways; if you give, they’ll give back to you.

Beyond the re-platforming of the website, another exciting project that’s in the pipeline is the replacement of our in-store point of sale system. There is also a multi-channel Order Manager project starting, to re-platform all of our in-store and back-end order capture systems. It will be even bigger than re-platforming the website; however it can only take place after the successful completion of that project. So the pressure is really on right now!”

Partnership IT

Our systems need to run like clockwork. If they don’t, it’s not just our Partners that feel the impact. Our customers can too. So it’s our job to make sure everything’s faultless.

Partnership IT provides, maintains and monitors vital IT services to the Partnership, including John Lewis and Waitrose – looking after everything from the networks that connect our branch tills to our banks and the infrastructure that supports, to the mainframe that runs the selling and distribution systems and the smooth running of internal operations across the divisions such as Personnel and Finance. And we do this 24 hours a day.

Beyond our day-to-day activity, we also work closely with the John Lewis and Waitrose teams to develop and deliver innovation projects – such as the development of the customer database to support My Waitrose and My John Lewis.


Our IT professionals come from a whole range of backgrounds, sectors and with a varied and diverse experience.

Matthew – “I like that I’ll be working on something new in the not too distant future.”

“I didn’t start as a Project Manager in IT. I used to be a Waitrose manager. But I love my role here as we are at the forefront of delivering changes, aimed at making the business a bigger and stronger brand, and I get the opportunity to work with colleagues from every directorate. Working for Partnership Services I manage projects where Partnership Services IT development is required (most of which support Waitrose and John Lewis initiatives to take the business forward).

The recent projects which I have worked on are Gift Card, Branch Numbers and Think Secure. Whilst on paper it may seem straightforward to introduce gift cards, or to use longer branch numbers, it requires a great deal of IT development to support these changes, can take years to deliver these changes, and be very costly if it’s not managed effectively. Our role is to ensure all key stakeholders are engaged, consider the best solution for the Partnership, manage the project development on a day-to-day basis and keep senior stakeholders up-to-date with progress. Building relationships and communication is key.

I like that I’ve made a difference here, specifically to the Think Secure campaign. This was part of a bigger project aimed at encouraging Partners to safeguard personal information, whether it’s a customer, supplier or Partner information. The four-man project teams delivered a six-week campaign to all 76,000 Partners in 2012 by developing its own branding, visual identity, key messages and by using a number of different ways to communicate (video, newsletters, stickers on printers, etc.) It is very rewarding to see the Think Secure branding on display in the Partnership today. I was also proud that the computer-based training I managed won an award for the Partnership at an external training awards event. The Partnership is an exciting place to work and it’s great to know you are playing a role in making it a better Partnership.”

Gavin – “We rely on Partners building expertise in a number of technical areas, to become well-rounded IT professionals.”

“I joined the Partnership IT division of the John Lewis Partnership as an experienced hire having previously worked as a contractor on the website re-platforming. In my time at John Lewis I’ve moved from infrastructure development to a Business Analyst role. Along the way I’ve worked on a broad range of projects, from the Waitrose and John Lewis eCommerce sites and Warehouse Management platforms to scoping, sizing and architecting for projects. I am currently working on the introduction of new Email and Calendaring capabilities to our division. Understanding our users’ requirements and reconciling those against what we can deliver is a key challenge, and the effective use of third-party software is increasingly important for the Partnership.

Part of what makes the Partnership a great place to work is that it encourages you to move jobs and roles and gives you support in doing so. We rely on Partners building expertise in a number of technical areas, to become well-rounded IT professionals. Partnership Services work directly with our business customers in the trading divisions and this requires strong relationship building ability, in addition to technical know-how.

I’ve recently been voted in as a ‘PartnerVoice’ representative for my team, this is a role within the Partnership’s internal democratic system that involves representing my colleagues’ views to our management team. This is taken very seriously throughout the Partnership and the democracy has a say from board level down. I’ve not only been allowed to take on this role, which will require hours out of my day-job, but encouraged! The Partnership takes its employees views seriously, and doesn’t just pay lip-service to its democratic policies; this is another reason why it’s a great employer.”

Waitrose IT

We’ve got a great story. We know that. Business is booming. But we’re never complacent as we operate in one of the fiercest competitive markets there is.

That’s why our IT strategy within Waitrose is centred on supporting growth, be that through our core branches, online or at our convenience stores. By developing and maintaining a differentiating capability to be simpler, better and cheaper we’re harnessing IT to our strategic advantage.

Our Waitrose Systems Partners are at the heart of this success as they work alongside their colleagues in an estate of around 300 branches across different formats, a national Supply Chain operation and a Head Office function based in Bracknell. They are essential to the development and delivery of our business plan and to ensuring that we maintain and grow our differentiation so we can secure customers’ lifetime loyalty. But it doesn’t stop there. They’re also working to embrace technology to maximise Partner productivity and job fulfilment.

We have around 300 Partners but we also rely on the support of colleagues who are not Waitrose Partners but who work closely with us to provide the additional skills and expertise we need to deliver on our commitments.

Join us and you’ll have the backing of the whole Partnership to build on the great things we’re doing and to challenge us to do even better.


In short, we have lots of opportunities. Our IT professionals come from a whole range of backgrounds, sectors and with a varied and diverse experience.

James – “There is never a dull moment working in Waitrose IT!”

“My working day is all about making technology a strategic advantage across the business. We are focused on improving the user experience of IT across Head Office, branches and distribution centres up and down the country, enabling Partners to carry out their roles efficiently. 

The Waitrose Management Board is clear that technology will be fundamental in the continued success of our business and I’m excited to be part of the team that has a ‘hands-on’ role in creating the future.”

Huw – “At Waitrose, everything we do focuses on improving the customer and Partner experience; it’s as simple as that.”

“We use advancements in technology to benefit our customers, suppliers and business partners.

Technology is rapidly changing the retail landscape and the big focus is now on smart phones and tablets to improve the way we work, making Partners and customers lives easier.

We embrace these technologies to help create and improve our future. And the future is an exciting place to be!”

Jobs in IT

Our information technology opportunities across the Partnership include Architects, Business and Systems Analysts, Project Managers, Team Leaders and Developers. Together, we’re sharing knowledge to make sure we’re using IT in the most innovative ways possible. Find out more about some of the roles you can specialise by watching our HireCast video. We have also listed a few of the other specialist roles that we recruit for.


Cyber Security Jobs

You could be part of our unique and exciting Infrastructure and Security department, which is responsible for providing and maintaining IT security for all three divisions of the John Lewis Partnership – Group, John Lewis and Waitrose.

As part of this role, you will:

  • Contribute to our information security strategy by helping to develop security standards and best practices
  • Provide technical expertise and support the IT Security team in protecting computer systems and networks
  • Monitor irregular system behaviour and use software and services to help notify the Security team of any intrusions and watch for irregular system behaviour

Will I suit this role?

If you’re a strong multi-tasker with a keen eye for detail and are always thinking ahead, you’ll flourish in our IT department. We look for individuals who are well organised, can thrive in a fast-paced environment, and can also take on challenges and potentially demanding scenarios.

Explore Cyber Security roles.

Systems Developer Jobs
Our small but vital Development team look after the development and maintenance of our in-house tools, which in turn drive the success of our semi-automated distribution centre.

Within this team, you’ll:

  • Carry out analysis for data, function and integration components of small in-house developments
  • Apply data analysis, data modelling and quality assurance for small agreed changes
  • Produce detailed designs for straightforward agreed system changes, including interface design

Will I suit this role?

Key characteristics for this role include analysis and decision-making skills, influencing skills, customer focus and management, team work, communication and strong technical skills. Relevant knowledge and industry experience is a must, such as an understanding of specific database technologies.

Find your ideal Systems Developer position.

Engineer Jobs
Our Engineer roles include Performance Test Engineer, Agile Test Engineer, Software Engineer and Infrastructure Engineer.

Within an engineering role, you will:

  • Develop a testing approach to deliver value quickly and with quality to the customer
  • Work in cross-functional teams to perform tasks which help Delivery teams come up with solutions
  • Support functional and non-functional testing solutions

Will I suit this role?

We look for individuals who have experience of working in a complex, dynamic and challenging environment. Above all, you should be proactive in coming up with creative solutions to problems. You should also have the ability to constructively critique when needed, in order to optimise solutions and maximise efficiency.

Browse Engineering vacancies.

Architecture Jobs
We have a number of IT vacancies in our Group IT Architecture team for Data Architects, Domain Architects and Solutions Architects.

Responsibilities are dependent on job role but include:

  • Working collaboratively with Business and IT teams to define the technology strategy and roadmap to support that business strategy
  • Ensuring tools, methods and data governance meet the needs of Group, Waitrose and John Lewis functions
  • Helping to shape the strategic direction of digital channels, as well as ensuring there’s integration with dependent systems and services

Will I suit this role?

You should have a strong technical knowledge of technologies relating to your field. You’ll also be up to date with current industry technology, best practices and trends, in order to leverage this insight when recommending and designing appropriate solutions.

Find out more by taking a look at our Architecture jobs.

No matter what role you take on with us, you’ll join a dedicated team that’s focusing on the needs of either Waitrose, John Lewis or Partnership Services. Find out more about each of these avenues below.

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