Product Specialists

Do you get excited when you taste something that gets your senses reeling? Do you then lose yourself by conjuring up countless ways in which you can use it? At Waitrose & Partners we’re always sourcing new products and our Product Specialists – for meat, fish, cheese or wine – get to champion them.

Our specialist roles are all about sharing your passion and knowledge, infusing enthusiasm to both colleagues and customers alike. To the Partners, you’ll divulge technical and product knowledge. To our customers, you’ll be a source of inspiration. You’ll encourage them to try new things, by demonstrating how it’s different, how you can use it and by impressing them with your knowledge and genuine interest. You might even set up some in-store tasting sessions and mini master classes. You’ll also get the chance to showcase your expertise at outside events, from county shows and food fairs to schools’ programmes.

Whether you have direct experience, or a raw and genuine passion that we can hone, with in-depth training we’ll soon make you into a true connoisseur in your area of expertise. We aim to develop our Partners from non-management selling roles into specialists.