Working in Partnership for a Happier World

We’re on a journey, an ongoing experiment to find happier, more trusted ways of doing business and all of our Partners have a part to play. The Partnership is owned entirely in trust by our Partners meaning we’re more than employees, we share knowledge, profit and power. 

By joining the Partnership you’ll be joining a different kind of business. One that seeks to make a difference, not just to its Partners, but to the lives of everyone.

It’s this shared purpose that drives us and we believe that by working together, in Partnership, we can help create a place with happier people, for a happier business and a happier world.

Happier People

Our happier business starts with happier Partners, enjoying worthwhile and satisfying work in a supportive environment we all help to create.

We treat people with fairness, courtesy and respect, and we work with others who do the same.

We create an inclusive environment and celebrate diversity with our Partners, customers and the communities we serve. We’re at our best when we all feel welcomed and free to be ourselves.

We take pride in making our customers happy. We put everything we have into everything we do, earning the loyalty and trust that we need to be successful.

Happier Business

We build happier businesses that are honest, fair and free to think and act for the long term. We aim to make sufficient profit to retain our financial independence, invest in our Partners and pursue our Purpose.

Our Partnership is built on democratic principles. We share the responsibilities and rewards of ownership: knowledge, profit and power.

Partner opinion is crucial in driving the actions of our governing authorities: the Partnership Council, the Partnership Board and the Chairman.

Happier World

We champion the role our Partnership can play in advancing the happiness of the communities we work with and the wellbeing of society.

We build trusted business relationships, acting with integrity and doing what’s right.

We take responsibility for our impact on the planet. We work tirelessly to protect and restore nature, creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Our Purpose in action

Of course, the most important and distinctive part about our Purpose is to see it in action. Every day, through all different ways our Purpose is guiding us in all that we do and, through this, we can actively see the positive changes we’re making to create a happier world.

Read our latest Ethics & sustainability report.

Read our latest Inclusion report. 

Where we’re heading

Throughout our history we’ve continued to differentiate and reinvent ourselves and find new ways to become a better business. Today, we live in uncertain and changing times. And it’s often during periods like now that the best businesses reinvent what they do and how they do it.

To do this we have to continue to empower our Partners. We’ll see new skills and roles emerging. These are ways we can help customers get more out of their lives and out of us.

We won’t just reinvent how we interact with customers, but what we offer them too. We’ll become more famous for our unique designs, unrivalled quality, inspiring recipes and dedication to the best tasting food. We’ll also have more exclusive products and services which will carry our name.

This will be a reinvention of the role we play for our customers and how we support them. And it involves everyone. Because this isn’t just a business, and this isn’t just a job. It’s so much more – for us, it’s personal.

Find out more about our 5-year plan here.

Join Our Journey

The Partnership extends way past retail and we have opportunities available in many different industries. Despite this variation, all of our Partners are striving towards the same goals and purpose. Continue to explore our careers website to find out even more about the Partnership and discover how you could play your part in our journey today.

Latest opportunities

John Lewis & Partners

Electrical Engineering Technician

 Milton Keynes – Fenny Lock

£32478 – £44685

Closing Date: 06/06/2023

Waitrose & Partners

Team Manager

 St Brelade – Red Houses

£27000 – £40500

Closing Date: 04/06/2023

John Lewis & Partners

Network Engineering Fabric Engineer

 Milton Keynes – Blakelands 2

£11.09 – £14

Closing Date: 01/07/2023