Benefits of being a Partner

“The Partnerships ultimate purpose is the happiness of all its members, through their worthwhile and satisfying employment in a successful business. Because the Partnership is owned in trust for its members, they share the responsibilities of ownership as well as its rewards – profit, knowledge and power”.

Since 1929 we’ve been working hard to make sure our Partners are happy. It’s this mind set that our benefits package is based on – we believe in rewarding our Partners for their time and energy. After all, they are the ones that make the John Lewis Partnership special.


The rates of pay we offer are set at a competitive level to ensure we attract and retain the highest calibre Partners. Every job in the Partnership has a pay range in which Partners can progress their salaries based on individual performance.We review the pay of every Partner annually and the performance rating received is used to help determine any pay adjustment in their pay range. We actively encourage Partners to discuss their pay review with their Line Manager who will be able to explain their rate of pay and how their performance reflects their rate of pay.When recruiting, we generally advertise a pay range to show how a Partner can progress within the role. Upon offering roles in the Partnership, we set initial salaries based on clear guidelines. Partners will then have the opportunity to progress their pay based on their performance in the role.

When joining the Partnership, Partners have the option of joining the Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme where your contributions will be matched by the Partnership (up to a maximum level). On completing three years’ service, you will receive an additional Partnership contribution into your DC scheme regardless of whether you pay in or not. Further information on the Partnership pension scheme will be made available to you on the Partner intranet once you have joined. 
The most tangible advantage of being a Partnership is our annual bonus. We distribute a proportion of profits to our Partners as a percentage of their salary. This percentage is determined by the overall performance of the Partnership. The 2018/19 bonus was 3% of each Partner’s pay. For UK Mainland Partners the first £3,600 of bonus received is free of income tax. We also run a BonusSave scheme – a Share Incentive Plan – that enables Partners to save income tax and national insurance on money invested into the scheme from their Partnership Bonus.
Once Partners been with us for three months, they are entitled to discount on shopping in John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners. The discount rates in John Lewis & Partners are 25% (12% on electrical goods). In Waitrose & Partners you’ll receive a 15% discount.
Paid Holiday
Those joining the Partnership at Levels 10 to 8 receive 22 days + public and bank holidays, rising to 25 days after three years’ service. If you join at Partnership Levels 7 and above, you receive 25 days holiday + public and bank holidays. After ten years’ service, all Partners receive 30 days holiday pro rata.Once a year Partners can also choose to purchase up to one week’s additional holiday through our Buying Holiday scheme.
Life Assurance
If you die in service, our scheme will pay three times your annual salary to your nominated beneficiary.
Subsidised Dining Facilities
Most of our sites have subsidised dining facilities that offer excellent food at very reasonable prices.
Holiday and Leisure Facilities
We have five locations around the UK that Partners with three months’ service or more can visit at a discounted rate. The holiday centres are located in some of Britain’s most beautiful areas, including the Lake District in the north and Brownsea Island in the south. Each centre offers its own individual style and facilities.If golfing is your thing, you can enjoy the use of our facilities in Berkshire and Hampshire. While members of our sailing clubs make the most of the five yachts that we have available on The Solent in Hampshire throughout the sailing season. Our sailors frequently take part in regattas and races in the area.
Sports Clubs
We support a large number of subsidised sports clubs and societies at local and Partnership-wide levels. Partners are encouraged to join the clubs, choosing from everything from abseiling, climbing, football, gliding and golf, to mountain biking, netball, racquet sports, riding, skiing, sailing, surfing and swimming.
Social Societies
Our subsidised non-sport clubs and societies are also open to all Partners. Get involved in drama, photography, music or art.
Ticket Subsidies
Partners can get a 50 per cent subsidy on tickets for the theatre, opera and music performances, up to a maximum amount per year. This subsidy is also available for entry to exhibitions and museums.
Education Subsidies
The Partnership can give financial support to Partners who want to continue their education or learn new skills – whether these are work-related or of personal interest. Many Partners take advantage of this benefit when on extended leave, using the subsidy available to them to learn a new skill or language.
Extended Leave
Partners with more than 25 years’ service can take paid leave for six months. This is seen by many Partners as an opportunity to learn new or develop existing skills or talents in sports, the arts and languages and to travel extensively.
Voluntary Benefits and Discounted Deals
We have negotiated over 500 local and national benefits for Partners including discounted holidays, hotels, amusement parks, restaurants and much more.
Corporate Memberships
Partners can obtain free entry to visitor attractions including Historic Royal Palaces, Imperial War Museum & Wildlife and Wetlands Trust through our Corporate Memberships.
Cycle to Work scheme
The Partnership offers an HMRC approved salary sacrifice scheme enabling Partners to save on the cost of buying a bike for cycling to work. Participating Partners agree to a monthly reduction from their gross pay – saving income tax and National Insurance contributions.
Give as you Earn
Through our Payroll Giving scheme, Partners can support the charities they care about the most by donating through their pay. It is a simple and tax-free way to donate to charities and is one of the most cost-effective ways for charities to raise funds.
Special Events
We arrange large events and tournaments which bring Partners and their families together from across the business, these have included exclusive days at Alton Towers, Legoland and Thorpe Park. Partners can also enjoy concerts and performances in our VIP suites at the O2 Arena, Wembley Arena or Hydro in Glasgow.
Season Ticket Loans
Loans are available to help finance purchases of travel season tickets which for most Partners are interest-free.
Partner Support
Partner Support is one of the things that makes our business so unique. Always has been, always will be. Specialist Partners are available by phone six days a week to support working and retired Partners experiencing difficulties in their working or personal lives. This includes employment, working relationships, health, finance, bereavement or family. Where needed, face to face support is also provided.
Financial Wellbeing
On a regular basis sessions are run in locations across the country by a dedicated provider of financial education offering seminars; surgeries; 1:1 advice and Topics covered include; Partner Benefits (BonusSave, Discounts and Offers), Money Management, Savings and Investments, Pensions & Retirement Planning,
Inheritance & Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Mortgages, Life Assurance and Income Protection.In addition, the Partnership is a member of the UK’s first credit union specifically for retailers. Partners have access to both savings and loans, with competitive rates of interest. A Credit Union is a membership co-operative saving and loans provider, serving a defined group of people – in this case, anyone who works in Retail. Members save to create a common pool of savings, which is then used to provide loans to members who wish to borrow. The Credit Union has no external shareholders and all profits made are kept within the union which exists solely for the benefit of its members.
Supporting Working Families

We know that not all families are the same, so, we’ve got a range of support available, whether you’re a same sex couple, a new mum, a father who wants to share parental leave with your partner, or you’re adopting. The Partnership supports all Partners to find the right balance between parenting and satisfying careers in our business.

Partnership Networks

We are proud to have active networks across the Partnership who support individual working parents at every stage of the parenting journey and are able to influence and inspire the way the Partnership supports working parents.

Any Partner can join a network, whether they are already a parent or thinking of becoming one. Getting involved can be as simple as joining a community on Google+, attending a Working Parents Network event or contacting one of the network members to find out more, including about how to access our working parent buddy scheme.

Flexible Working

Flexible working is welcomed and encouraged in the Partnership. It is not the where, when or how you fulfil your role that is important to us, it is the contribution you make to our business as a Partner. Here we are more than employees, we are co-owners. Partners should feel comfortable to have conversations about flexibility at any point in their career with us, whether this is through formal or informal arrangements. The Partnership will always carefully consider requests and accommodate them where we can.

Buying Holiday

Buying Holiday is a benefit that allows eligible Partners to buy extra days of holiday in addition to their annual leave allowance. It operates in a similar way to authorised unpaid leave, but allows Partners to spread the cost of additional leave over a longer period of time.

Each holiday year, you will be able to purchase a minimum of one day, up to a maximum of the amount of days in your normal working week.

  • For example: if you work an average of 4 days per week, you will be able to buy a maximum of 4 days’ additional holiday per year.
Leisure Learning

Each year, you can claim up to £250 to cover half the cost of a range of tutored courses. Although this benefit is only open to Partners, it can be claimed for classes that you choose to attend for or with your child such as National Childbirth Trust (NCT) classes or swimming lessons, which need to be attended with the parent/responsible adult who could be your spouse or partner.

There are also some practical policies which support Partners with their parenting commitments:

Maternity Leave simple overview

Having a baby is an exciting time and we want to support you in the best way possible. You have to take at least two weeks leave after giving birth, but after that the choice is yours for how much maternity leave you decide to take up to a maximum of 52 weeks in total.

Statutory Leave and Pay (Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance) -for information on the current statutory provision for maternity leave click here.

Partnership Leave and Pay:

  • To qualify for Partnership Maternity Pay you must have at least two years continuous service at the beginning of the 15th week before your expected week of childbirth (this is sometimes referred to as the Expected Week of Confinement or EWC).
  • Partnership Maternity Pay is paid for the first 14 weeks of your maternity leave and ‘tops up’ any statutory maternity pay or maternity allowance that you receive up to your ‘normal earnings’. Your ‘normal earnings’ is your basic contractual pay (excluding any Sunday premium).
  • If your Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance is greater than your normal earnings, you won’t be paid Partnership Maternity Pay.
Paternity Leave simple overview

We know that becoming a father is an important time and we want to support you to take time off to welcome the new addition to your family. You may be eligible to take one or two consecutive weeks in the immediate 56 days following the birth or adoption of your child. If you would like to take more time off work after your two weeks’ paternity leave, you can request to take holiday or Parental Leave. You may also be eligible for Shared Parental Leave.

Statutory Leave and Pay – for more information on the current statutory provision for paternity leave click here.

  • To qualify for Partnership Paternity Pay, you must have at least one year’s continuous service at the beginning of the 15th week before the Expected Week of Confinement (the week, beginning on the Sunday in which it is expected that the baby will be born), or, for adoption cases, at least one year’s continuous service, ending with the week in which you are notified of being matched with a child.
  • Partnership Paternity Pay is paid for one week and is designed to ‘top up’ your Statutory Paternity Pay to your basic contractual pay (excluding any Sunday premium).
    You will not be paid Partnership Paternity Pay if the value of Statutory Paternity Pay is more than your basic contractual pay. If you wish to take two weeks Paternity Leave the second week will be paid at the statutory rate of paternity pay.
Parental Leave simple overview

We want to support all Partners to balance the needs of their families and careers within the Partnership. There might be times when you need some extra flexibility to accommodate your parenting responsibilities so we want you to know that you can take up to 18 weeks’ unpaid Parental Leave to care for your child if they are under 18 years old. If you have more than one child, you are entitled to take up to 18 weeks’ leave for each child e.g., if you have two children you can take up to 36 weeks.

You can take more than a week at a time, or up to 18 weeks together, but you must take parental leave in weekly ‘blocks’ of time. If you take less than a contractual working week, it will still be counted as one week of your total entitlement.

To qualify for Parental Leave, you must have at least one year’s continuous service with the Partnership and:

  • Be the biological parent or adoptive parent, or
  • Have legal parental responsibility for the child.

All Parental Leave is unpaid.

Shared Parental Leave simple overview

Shared Parental Leave allows you to take a flexible approach to deciding when you will be away from work once your baby is born or when you adopt or foster a child, while maintaining your employment.

If you are the mother of the child, the first two weeks following the birth or adoption of your child must still be taken as Maternity Leave. After this, you are free to end your Maternity Leave when you wish share some or all of the remaining leave and pay entitlement with the child’s father or with your partner. You may also take Shared Parental Leave when an adoption or foster agency has placed a child with you and your partner as adoptive or foster parents.

If you are the father, or the mother of the child’s partner, and share the main responsibility for the care of the child with the child’s mother (where the child’s father does not), or an adoption or foster agency has placed a child with you and your partner or foster parents, Shared Parental Leave is available to you.

If you wish to take Paternity Leave this should be taken during the first 56 days following the birth or placement of your child. Once Shared Parental Leave is started, you will lose any untaken Paternity Leave entitlement.

Statutory Leave and Pay – for more information on the current statutory provision for Shared Parental Leave click here.

You’re eligible for Shared Parental Pay if one of the following applies:

  • You’re eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay or Statutory Adoption Pay
  • You’re eligible for Statutory Paternity Pay and your co-parent is eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay, Maternity Allowance or Statutory Adoption Pay.
Adoption Leave simple overview

Adopting a baby is an exciting time and we want to support you to find the right balance for your family and work commitments by providing you the ability to take time away from work when you adopt a child.

Statutory Leave and Pay – for more information on the current statutory provision or adoption leave click here.

If you are adopting jointly with your spouse or partner only one of you can take Adoption Leave (you can choose which one of you does that.) If your spouse or partner takes the Adoption Leave you may be entitled to Paternity Leave and/or Shared Parental Leave.

If you’re eligible, you’re entitled to take up to 52 weeks’ adoption leave, regardless of the number of hours you work or your length of service.

The period of adoption leave is split into two parts:

  • Ordinary Adoption Leave for the first 26 weeks of leave; and
  • Additional Adoption Leave for the second 26 weeks of leave.

Adoption leave can be taken:

  • From the date of your child’s placement (whether this is earlier or later than expected); or
  • From a predetermined date up to 14 days before the expected date of your placement; or
  • If you are a dual approved prospective adopter, the date you have a child placed with you in accordance with section 22C of the Children Act 1989, with a view to you adopting that child.

Adoption Leave is only available if you are adopting through a UK or overseas adoption agency. It is not available if there is no agency involved, for example, where a step-parent is adopting their partner’s children.

If you are entitled to take Adoption Leave, you can also get paid time off work to attend 5 adoption appointments after you’ve been matched with a child.

Our Job Levels

Job levelling enables different roles to be measured based on their relative scale, impact and size. The Partnership hierarchy consists of 10 levels with every job in the Partnership sitting in one of them.

Partnership Level Role Title
1 Chairman
2 and 3 Director
4 Head of Department/Branch
5 and 6 Leadership, Specialist and Senior Specialist
7, 8 & 9 Specialist Partner and Junior Management
10 Partners

The Partnership is incredibly diverse and our job levelling system allows us to compare roles in different industry sectors to determine its reward. It allows Partners to see what roles they might be qualified for in other parts of the business – offering a big benefit to career development and progression.

It also means that every Partner, from Supermarket Assistants through to the Chairman, have clarity on where their position fits – and there’s a consistent and transparent way of allocating everything from benefits and holiday to financial authority.

Latest opportunities


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