We believe that becoming a Partner is something to be proud of

If you earn something, you value it more, so the same applies to our membership. Being a Partner in our business brings rights and responsibilities – to the business, to each other and to ourselves.

What is Earning Membership?

Earning Membership is a simple framework for new starters to our business. It is in place to ensure that new Partners share our values and that the Partnership is the right for them as well. It also gives new starters clarity on what we expect them to demonstrate so that they have the opportunity to perform at their best.

Earning Membership is a natural follow-on from our recruitment process. Together, they should ensure that new Partners have the skills, behaviours and personal commitment to ensure the Partnership’s continued success.

The Earning Membership Criteria.

You’ll need to demonstrate within the 90-day period that you’re able to deliver on role specific requirements. Alongside this, you’ll also need to demonstrate the following Partnership Values:

What to expect in your first 90-Days.

Week 1

In your first week, you’ll meet with your people manager to discuss the Earning Membership process in full. They’ll also ensure you have a copy of your job description and a clear understand on how to be successful after the 90-day period. 30-Days All new Partners will have a 30-day review with their Line Managers and Buddies to discuss their progress so far. You’ll have the opportunity to give your own feedback  and work with them to  build a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to help set our clear objectives for you moving forward.


All new Partners will have a 30-day review with their Line Managers and Buddies to discuss their progress so far. You’ll have the opportunity to give your own feedback  and work with them to  build a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to help set our clear objectives for you moving forward.


As you reach 60-day into your Partnership career, you’ll continue to update your Personal Development plan with input from both your People Manager and Buddy.


Finally, after the full 90-day journey, your People Manager will discuss your overall outcome. If successful, your continued membership in the Partnership will be confirmed. It is possible at this stage that the 90-day journey is extended by a further 30-day if there are still elements of your PDP to work on.

Partner Story

If you’re looking to take the leap into a new company or even into your first job, we appreciate how daunting this can feel. Partner & Change Manager, Karen Coxall, gives her own account of  her first 90-days in the Partnership. Find out how she felt supported by her people manager and buddy and how her team made her  journey an easy one.

Karen’s Story (Written)

30 Days

What were your expectations before you started with the Partnership?

Having worked for other organisations, I had an ‘open mind’ regarding what my first month would be like. Early conversations with my new people manager, having a ‘buddy’ to work with from day one and information being readily available to quickly get me up to speed were my biggest expectations. I’m glad to say, all those expectations were met!

How did you find your first 30 days?

Great! It felt as if I had been a part of my team for longer than 30 days – they all took the time to support me and I was able to access what I needed to get started. The Earning Membership approach provided a good signpost and checklist for what support was there for me, as well as the standard that was expected of me in my role.

60 Days

How were you feeling at 60 day check point?

My gut instinct, early on, was that the Partnership and I were a good fit (another benefit for the earning membership period). After 60 days, I still felt that, reinforced by feedback from my buddy and peers. It’s great that the Earning Membership process supported me to seek their feedback in a structured way.

In my role, as a Change Manager in various projects, I wanted to make sure I kept a fresh pair of eyes. I was keen to add a refreshing view to shift the ‘Partnership do it this way’ mentality that can creep in. My line manager was conscious of this as well and encouraged me to add in my own ideas early on.

Did you feel you were being supported to understand the Partnership, as well as in your day-to-day role?

All that I’ve needed has been out there to find out. For example:

  • time with my manager
  • members of my team
  • induction morning
  • meetings feeding back on the AGM
  • the Partner intranet (internal website for Partners)
  • setting up sessions/networking with colleagues who are part of the democratic structure
  • making time to visit shops
  • plus the social and health/well being benefits available

As long as you are proactive, inquisitive, tenacious and make the time, the support is there.

Was there anything that worried you at all?

There was nothing on the Earning Membership journey that I worried about.

What did you most look forward to in the last 30 days of Earning Membership?

In the last 30 days, I looked forward to finishing everything in order to earn my membership with the Partnership. Finalising my objectives and understanding how they link to the Partnership strategy was particularly exciting and gave me a sense of purpose in the role.

90 Days

Did it feel any different once you earned your membership?

To be honest, no – everyone had made me feel so much a part of the team since day one that I felt like a Partner from day one.

Did you do anything to celebrate Earning Membership?

I shared the love and bought my team some champagne truffles (from Waitrose & Partners of course!) I’ve taken advantage of the benefits and, when my Partnership Discount card arrived, celebrated by spending in John Lewis & Partners.

Did your line manager do anything to highlight that you had completed Earning Membership?

As part of the ‘Celebrating Success’ section in one of our Change and Portfolio Team group meetings, my line manager presented me with my Earning Membership completion letter in front of the team.

What are you looking forward to now you have earned membership?

I’m looking forward to continuing to add value to our business – in my role, I will be part of reinventing John Lewis & Partners for the future. An exciting prospect to face into.