At Waitrose, it is more than just a delivery driver job

As a Waitrose Partner and a customer delivery driver, you are never just an employee. You can be the person that improves someone’s day with a smile or support someone that can’t get out to a Waitrose store. You will have the opportunity to venture out to new locations and deliver the quality that our customers expect from us. As a Waitrose delivery driver, you’re representing the brand and our values, while also being an instrumental aspect of a large and complex supply chain.

Without you, we would not only struggle to deliver our goods but our unique, quality customer service. As a Partner, you are the reason for our success.

Why are customer delivery drivers so important?

During the difficult times in 2020, our Partners have been the crown jewel in our business and Dan is no exception. He describes working as a delivery driver for Waitrose as personally satisfying.

“You really feel that you are making a difference and helping those less fortunate be able to get on with their days without the risk of any harm. Seeing familiar and happy faces of the customers you deliver to ferments the importance of what we do every day.”

While customer service is at the centre of what our Partners do, the environment we cultivate within is just as important in delivering our quality service. Dan explains that the involvement and ability to speak freely with the managers and other Partners encourages all to provide a better working environment and service to our customers.

“From the beginning of the day until you leave, delivering for Waitrose is a team-based, result-orientated environment. Whether it’s at the start of your day preparing, loading and checking the vans to the possibility of assisting with the logistics and organisation of the eCommerce, you are part of a team that sees the bigger picture compared to a single person working to only finish their task.”

Is Waitrose a good company to work for?

Waitrose Customer Delivery Drivers
Waitrose Customer Delivery Drivers

Not only will you benefit from the excellent benefits that Waitrose & Partners have to offer, but your working day will also be supported as much as can be from the moment you step through the door. Will says that we do this by planning the day efficiently to make sure the drivers feel confident in achieving their goals for the day.

“From the moment the drivers get in they are greeted with support to help them get on their route, this includes help loading and unloading. The result of this is a happy driver and a happy customer.” He goes on to say “No two days are the same at Waitrose and Partners, meeting and interacting with the interesting customers and building relationships with them is vital for the Partnership. One day you could be delivering throughout Hertfordshire, and the next you are helping replenish the stock in store. It really makes working for Waitrose & Partners exciting.”

Why join Waitrose as a customer delivery driver?

Here at Waitrose, delivery driver job roles are exciting and constantly evolving. As we open our new Enfield branch, you will be exposed to state-of-the-art facilities and new technology which will spread across the network to make your job easier and more enjoyable. Trevor explains that if you like working as part of a team and having to be proactive, reactive, flexible and resourceful, you will enjoy being part of the expanding home delivery drivers team.

“There will be lots of interaction in the branch and a real need to help those around you to achieve getting out on time in a safe yet speedy way. […] When not driving you will fully support the branch in all parts of the operation assisting fellow partners and customers alike, opportunities to be trained in all aspects of the branch operation which brings its own rewards and challenges”

If delivering award winning customer service, top quality Waitrose products and a constantly evolving delivery driver role appeals to you. There are full-time and part-time delivery jobs available in over 300 locations around the country. Explore our range of Waitrose full-time and part-time driving jobs near you >

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