The power of one.

In a business of our size, things don’t just happen. New Partners don’t just turn up without being recruited. People don’t just get paid. All the administration and policy support for our thousands of Partners doesn’t just get done. Someone, somewhere is putting in a huge amount of effort to make sure all these things are happening consistently and efficiently, so that our Partners’ lives are made that little bit easier. And as a result, our customers’ experience that little bit better.

Partnership Services houses all those ‘someone’s’ who make it happen. Financial processing, Personnel Services (including Resourcing and Occupational Health), Partnership Services IT and Procurement (for our goods and services that are not for resale, such as travel and venue services) take an end-to-end view of all that we do, providing a joint governance framework and creating clear and transparent Service Level Agreements. That’s the power of having one shared services division.

From Project Management, Administration and Processing, to Internal and External Customer Service and Advisory roles, you’ll help make our business even stronger.

Latest Head Office opportunities

Head Office

Panel Beater

 Bracknell – Central Transport Workshop


£31500 – £42700

Closing Date: 30/03/2023

Head Office

Infrastructure Lead

 Bracknell Campus


£55800 – £90000

Closing Date: 21/03/2023

Head Office

People Policy & Advice Specialist

 Bracknell Campus


£42000 – £60800

Closing Date: 20/03/2023