Creating a sustainable future

Our company was built on the premise that our long-term future is best served by respecting the interests of all our stakeholders: Partners, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

There are far-reaching changes happening in society, the workplace and in the retail market. The UK population is getting older, and diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyles are becoming more prevalent. Technology is changing the workplace, altering the way customers shop, the choices they make and the way retail businesses work. Economic and political uncertainty is putting even greater pressures on global supply chains and the people that work in them. To remain successful, we need to adapt and be proactive in responding to trends like these.

Our business strategy

Our business strategy – It’s Your Business 2028 – positions us well for the future by recognising the speed at which the world around us is changing, the impact that could have on our business and ensuring we respond to these threats and opportunities whilst staying true to our Founder’s vision and principles for our business.

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility supports our business strategy through four aims. These aims are the priority areas that will enable our business to deliver against our Constitutional commitments and return value to our Partners, our customers, our suppliers, and the environment.

We will create a sustainable future by:

Sourcing and selling with integrity
We strive to build customer confidence in the products and services we sell and the way we sell them. We want to help customers make positive choices to enhance their lives. We want to know, and be able to share, where and how products have been grown, sourced or made, who made them and have confidence in the process.
Enhancing community wellbeing
Together with Partners, we will champion opportunity. We will build the skills of future generations and create better places for people to live, work in and enjoy. We will improve accessibility and inclusion – in our shops and in the day to day lives of the wider community.
Putting the health of Partners at the heart of our business
We believe health is one of the foundations of happiness and integral to business sustainability. We will support Partners to improve their physical and mental health and create a culture inclusive of Partners from all backgrounds.
Delivering more with less
We will reduce our reliance on natural resources, using them as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, then recovering and regenerating products and materials when reuse is no longer practical or desirable.

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Solomon, Warehouse Assistant (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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Closing Date: 1/4/2019

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