Little Waitrose & Partners. Altogether different, yet the same.

Our customers are busy. But they know what they want. And when they need food in a hurry, or to top up on their weekly shop, they’re looking for a convenient shopping experience. This is why we’ve created our Little Waitrose & Partners and Motorway Services stores.

These stores – as their name suggests – are smaller. For our customers this means they get the same high standard of customer service that they’d expect in any of our larger stores, but in a faster-paced, more spontaneous way. Here they can find the food they need for right now, as well as a meal for later and to grab any essentials they’ve run out of whilst they’re at it.

For you, it means an altogether different experience to working at one of our larger shops. Predominantly you’re there to respond to our customers’ immediate needs. Whether they need to help themselves to a self-service latté, a freshly made croissant or grab a tub of hot soup and bread, you’ll see to it their experience is one that’s synonymous with the Waitrose & Partners brand by giving them a specialist service in a convenience setting. This means you’ll need to adapt to situations quickly, yet you’ll also gain greater exposure to sections you might not deal with on a daily basis owing to its size.