Support With Numeracy

Here in the Partnership, we want all of our Partners to have the right tools that will help them succeed in their careers. We also want applicants to have the best possible chance of securing a role with us. That is why we are supporting the charity, National Numeracy.

About The Charity

Set up in 2012, National Numeracy set out to raise the levels of numeracy in the UK among both adults and children. The Government’s 2011 Skills for Life report found that 49% of adults in the UK have the numeracy expected of primary school children. Their online challenge is a free, confidential way for adults to test and improve their numeracy.

Take The Challenge

The Challenge Online is a free, interactive web-based learning tool designed to help you improve your everyday maths skills in manageable steps, whilst building your confidence along the way.

You will receive a breakdown of how you did in the 5 areas of numeracy and tips on how to improve using our learning pages.

You can also take the challenge on the go. Doing as little as 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your own personal skills.

What To Expect

Multiple choice answers
Each question is multiple choice and uses examples of everyday maths.

No timer
There’s no timer or progress bar so you can take your time to think about your answers.

Adapts to you
The questions adapt to you and only step up when you’re ready.

Save your progress
Take it at your own pace, have a break and come back whenever you need to.

Get Started

To take advantage of these free online tools, visit: (please be aware that, by using this link, you will be taken to the external National Numeracy website).

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