Video Interviews – Hints & Tips!

Whether you’ve been invited to a video interview or you’ve submitted your application and looking ahead at the next stages, you’ll want to know what to expect as well as some hints & tips on how to submit the best video interview you can.

So I suppose the first question to answer is what is a video interview? Put simply it is a question and answer interview that takes place using a laptop or tablet. One thing to note is that although it is an interactive interview, it is not a live video chat.

How it works: If you are invited to a video interview, you will also be sent a link to our video interview provider Sonru. You will create an account and then be given access to the appropriate video interview for the role you have applied for. There will be a welcome page with some instructions and hints and tips before conducting your interview. Questions will appear in a text format on the screen after which you will be given a timed window to record your response. Once a answer has been recorded you will be invited to view your next question and record your answer. You continue this way until all questions are answered and then you submit your interview back to us. Simple!

Now to the important bit, the hints & tips or maybe more accurately Do’s & Dont’s.

  • Do treat it as a regular interview – dress appropriately & frame your answers as you would if you were face to face
  • Do think about your surroundings – is there enough light, will you be disturbed by a roommate, pet etc.?
  • Do allow yourself enough time! 
  • Do use the test features to ensure you can be seen and heard before recording as you only get one chance per question
  • Do consider the ‘whole’ question – questions may have two parts for example but don’t spend too long on one part of it and neglect the other.
  • Do your research – not only on the company but on interview techniques too
  • Don’t panic – it might be on video but it’s just the same as any other interview
  • Don’t rush, although you are timed it should give adequate time to give your response

Hopefully that has given you some insight into our video interviews.

Good luck!



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