Senior Performance & Resilience Test Engineer

Job Type IT
Region London
Location Victoria
Preferred Hours Full Time
Partnership Level
Closing Date 31/3/2019
Vacancy Type
Salary £66,000 - £98,500 (The pay range for this role will increase to: £69,000 to £98,500 from 1 April)
Salary Frequency per annum
Hours of Work
35 hours per week - 09:00-17:30 - Monday-Friday

Please note within the John Lewis Partnership this role is known as Product Engineer ITL6.

Duties & Responsibilities

Our award winning Testing and Environments Practice (TEP) is looking for Senior Performance & Resilience Test Engineer to join them at the John Lewis Partnership Head Office based at London, Victoria.

The role-holder will work in and across multi-skilled agile delivery teams using their skills and experience to contribute to the delivery of new software products - from idea through to implementation. As part of a lean enterprise, that is continually improving ways of working Partners and teams will collaborate to develop their own principles and values which drive creative & innovative thinking, and develop technical proficiency - leading to a strong engineering culture and capability.
We are looking for a strong, technically minded person to help shape and deliver the Performance and Resilience engineering practices as part of agile delivery teams. You will be in part coach, team lead, able to work across / in teams and have a strong background in performance testing and resilience testing with the ability to implement technical solutions to testing problems.
The role-holder will stay on top of current trends in their areas of specialism and will be able to recognise where new approaches may be of benefit to the Partnership and apply them.

Job Requirements

The role holder will work within one or more delivery teams, performing tasks that help the team accelerate the achievement of shippable quality.
The role holder will also mentor others across Partnership IT who need guidance on:
- Understanding performance and resilience product risk analysis
- Performance and resilience engineering practices including methods of providing early and continuous feedback to delivery teams about the impacts of their changes
- Understanding real world load profiles to shape testing under load
- How monitoring and alerting in production environments can be leveraged and good practice in conducting other experiments in production.
The role holder will drive the evolution of good practice in Partnership of performance and resilience engineering by engaging with and collaborating with operations teams, architects and product engineers doing analysis and designing and writing production code.

Required essential experience skills and qualifications

- Understanding solution architectures and how these contribute to solutions' ultimate performant and resilient natures
- Identifying & analysing performance and resilience risks and devising responses to these risks
- Performance and resilience testing approaches, including those appropriate for early and continuous performance feedback within delivery teams
- Experience in a range of proprietary and open source tools used in testing to exert load; monitor responses; capture server and network metrics; capture, analyse and report on results
- Experience of performing Technical and organisational root cause analysis of failing metrics and KPIs
- Using a combination of business and technical data to understand and communicate to a broad audience the business impact of a solution's performant and resilient nature
- Ability to influence approaches, tactics and strategies at all levels
- Experience in operating in a complex, dynamic and challenging environment
- Experience of the risks and mitigations relevant to integrated solutions utilising both on-premises and cloud services.

Required desirable experience skills and qualifications

- Providing feedback on how architecture and design has mitigated or otherwise resiliency risks
- Problem searching as well as creative problem resolution skills
- Ability to constructively challenge in order to optimise solutions and maximise efficiency
- Experience in using disruptive testing techniques in production environments to prove service resilience.


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