Life on the Leadership Scheme!

The scheme exposes you to valuable insight into successful leadership within a customer and partner driven environment. It’s no secret that retail, especially grocery, is facing challenging times- the partnership not being exempt! I came into the scheme wondering what good leadership would look like in this context and how I would fit into this picture.

Currently in branch, getting to grips with how the business works again (I was previously a partner in the business), I am finding that the scheme is giving me the time to understand who I am, and what my strengths are- whilst also giving me exposure to senior leaders across the business, as well as experienced partners in branch to understand what real pride in ownership looks like! Post Christmas, I and the other leadership grads, have the opportunity to manage a section of our own and really drive an area in branch before moving along to managing a whole department!

There is real room for each grad to make each experience their own and the scheme continues to offer great opportunities to learn about a variety of areas within the business- we currently have the opportunity to visit Leckford farm to see how our very own food is produced!



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