John Lewis Partnership – What it means to be a Partner?

What does it mean to be a John Lewis Partner? To us, it is everything. As the UK’s largest employee-owned business, the John Lewis Partnership model and conception was a revolutionary way of operating. When you join the John Lewis Partnership, you join over 80,000 other Partners as an owner.

Founded in 1896, John Spedan Lewis wanted to organise his business in a new, experimental way. He created a set of principles on how the Company should operate and produced a written Constitution to help his Partners and Co-owners understand what it meant to be a Partner.

What it means to be a Partner?

John Lewis and Waitrose partners adhere to our century-old Constitution, informing them of what is expected of them while offering guidance on how to benefit the wider company by offering their time, work ethic and loyalty. The hard work that our Partners put in is repaid in full, with co-owners having a share in the Partnership and benefitting from the annual success that the John Lewis Partnership enjoys. At JLP, we follow five values created by Partners, for Partners.

The John Lewis Partnership’s values are:

Do Right: We act with integrity and use our judgement to do the right thing.
All or Nothing: We put everything we have into everything we do.
Give More Than You Take: We put more in, so everyone gets more out.
Be Yourself. Always: We’re quirky, proud and at our best when we are free to be ourselves.
We Not Me: When we work together anything is possible.

What is the John Lewis Partnership Constitution?

A Constitution by definition is a written document outlining the basic principles, values and rules of a group, company or nation. At the John Lewis Partnership, we have a Constitution for two reasons, the first is the continuation of our historic roots and extraordinary vision implemented by John Spedan Lewis.

The second is to provide foresight and ensure that we as a Company can overcome challenges while maintaining the values and integrity established throughout the John Lewis Partnership’s history. The Constitution highlights that ‘Happiness of all its members relies on their worthwhile and satisfying employment in a successful business’. Therefore, our Partners are treated and rewarded equally. Read the John Lewis Partnership Constitution here >

What are the Waitrose & John Lewis Partner benefits?

At the John Lewis Partnership, we believe investing your time and energy into us should be rewarded by more than just a wage. When you join, you will be allowed access to our internal benefits portal, PartnerChoice. Each partner receives a bonus annually based on the Partnership’s overall performance, shared as a percentage of their salary. With various subsidies, a John Lewis Partner discount in-store and online, a generous pension plan and private healthcare on offer, what’s stopping you from applying to join the John Lewis Partnership here! To discover what other benefits are available to our Partners, click here >

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