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My name is Adam Rogers and I am currently Store Manager of Waitrose in Cardiff, so my job entails the day-to-day safe, legal operation of the store, as well as ensuring that we deliver the Waitrose brand to our customers.

One of the other very important roles is to act as the figure head for the operation. I am responsible for creating a culture that reflects the ideals of the John Lewis Partnership. When I started in the John Lewis Partnership in May 2002 in Waitrose in Bath, I was a non-management Partner working in the dry goods section. After working there for six months I recognised that, actually, I could make a worthwhile career of retail, so I then moved onto the Assistant Section Manager Training Scheme and worked my way through the different management roles in our larger branches and in March 2009 helped to open the second Waitrose convenience store in Clifton in Bristol.

As a manager in one of our convenience stores, I am responsible for the entire operation, whereas if I was in a larger branch actually I'd be responsible for just a pocket of that branch. So therefore I've got a much wider level of responsibility and also the much higher level of autonomy that goes along with that.

I'm fortunate to work in a very fast paced environment and for me that means that I am kept on my toes at all times. There's no scope for me to think, ‘oh actually what am I going to do next?', I have to roll with whatever the store throws at me. One of the great benefits of working in a convenience store is that I work alongside Partners on a daily basis, which means that I'm able to keep them updated on what's happening in the store, what's happening in Waitrose, as well as what's happening in the wider John Lewis Partnership. That means that they are better informed, they are more able to talk to customers about our brand and what we stand for and ultimately it means that they're happier at work.

Working for the John Lewis Partnership means that I enjoy a wide range of benefits and certainly one of the most important ones for me is the bonus that we receive every March. However, alongside that there are other benefits, such as our discount which we can use both in John Lewis department stores, as well as all Waitrose branches. The various leisure learning subsidies and also the ticket subsidy, which allows me to claim back half the cost of any theatre tickets or music concert tickets that I may buy. I believe that if you are a person who enjoys autonomy, is determined and shows tenacity then a career in Waitrose convenience would be perfect for you.

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