My First Few Weeks in John Lewis IT

Hi all!

I’m Stuart and I have recently started on the John Lewis Technology Graduate Scheme. Having graduated this summer with a Computer Science degree, I wanted to find a graduate scheme that provided the opportunity to explore the different roles that IT has to offer. On the John Lewis Technology Graduate Scheme, that is exactly what you get!

I’m currently working with my fellow Technology graduates on a 6 week project that enables us to gain exposure to all the different practices we will be working in throughout the scheme. We have currently taken on roles as a Business Analyst, Solutions Architect and Project Manager. However in the coming weeks, we will also fill positions as a Software Developer and Test Analyst. By doing this, it allows us to gain a more holistic view of how IT works within John Lewis. Starting the graduate scheme in this way is fantastic as it really helps you to get up to speed with the complexity of John Lewis IT, before you go into your first assignment.

Aside from the graduate scheme itself, John Lewis provides a plethora of extra-curricular activities. So whether you’re into sport or music, baking or wine-tasting, there really is something for everyone.

My first impression of John Lewis has certainly been a very pleasant one; so if you’re thinking about applying, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. My current Technology Graduate cohort come from both technical and non-technical backgrounds, so don’t worry if you are not a complete “techy”, because to be honest very few of us are. As long as you have a passion for IT and the Retail Industry, then you will certainly fit in here.

I wish you all the best with your application and please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section below.

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