John Lewis IT: 1 Month In

Hello everyone,

My name is Luke, another John Lewis Technology Grad! I have recently graduated from Lancaster University studying Management and Information Technology. This however should not deter you; John Lewis IT is made up of people with extremely varying backgrounds, and different levels of experiences, so just let who you are shine through in your application.

Building on from my fellow graduate Stuart’s recent post, I thought I would update you on our 6-week project. Stuart left it at the Analysis and Architecture stage, but since then, we’ve had some more roller coasters bringing us to-date into Development. We have since been through understanding scenarios for our project, designing what a solution might look like, and this week getting our hands dirty doing some coding (which so far actually works!). The learning curve has been steep as getting to grips with the size of John Lewis IT has posed a challenge at times; however, it has been a fantastic first month and a bit, and now our first assignments have been allocated, we are all looking forward to sinking our teeth in!

Oh and one final thing… I thought I would give you a top tip with each of my posts for your application, driven by my own experiences:

Tip – make sure you do ALL tests and complete the full application before it expires

This may sound commonsensical, but it is a hurdle I’ve fallen at before, so take note.

All the best in your applications over the coming weeks, and please do ask lots of questions! I will guide you wherever I can.


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