Hello prospective graduates!

Hello Graduates far and wide! My name is Jack Wyse and I  started as a Technology Graduate in Waitrose IT 5 weeks ago. It’s been a rollercoaster ride full of interesting experiences, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I’ll try to give you a taster of what the Technology Graduate Scheme involves, as well as some tips on how to bag yourself a job, in 6 quick points:

  1. Waitrose is a huge national operation. The picture below is from the new Magna Park National Distribution Centre in Milton Keynes, which I visited this week. It’s ONE MILLION square feet! This makes it one of the largest warehouses of it’s kind in Europe. As a Graduate, you’ll be presenting technology solutions for warehouse problems within your first month!


  1.  Waitrose branches don’t necessarily have customers. The picture below is of Waitrose Coulsdon – a DARK STORE. Not a set from the new Star Wars movie. A supermarket without any customers that deals exclusively in online orders. This place will send out 2000 customer orders EVERY SINGLE DAY over Christmas. Drivers deliver across the whole of London- it’s truly a 24 hour operation. Also, toilet roll takes up more space than you think.


  1. I’m taking an active part in Partner Voice of my constituency, and have been encouraged to do so from the start. Partner Voice is the grass roots level of the Partnership’s democratic structure. Issues such as the Living Wage are debated regularly. Democracy is at the heart of the Partnership’s unique business model, and therefore should be at the heart of your application.
  2. I studied Human Geography at Sheffield University. This had nothing to do with IT. Do not be put off applying for this scheme if you don’t have a technical background/qualifications. The important thing is that you’re enthusiastic about technological innovations.
  3. If you make it to the assessment centre, you’ll be assessed against the Leadership Behaviours outlined here. Try to prepare examples in which you have demonstrated each and every one of these behaviours. This is in effect the mark scheme – use it wisely.
  4. DO NOT BE PUT OFF THE COMPETITION. I almost dropped out of the application process because I thought I didn’t have a chance. Be yourself, smile and demonstrate your interest in the Partnership. Do this at every stage and you’ll have a real fighting chance.
  5. I’ve talked for long enough. Take a break! Part of this job is keeping up to date with fun technology, like this.


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