Our sights are set firmly on the future.

Our Group divisions dual role of setting direction and assurance and providing specialist expertise brings together Partners and functions from around the business to keep an eye on the long-term success of the Partnership. It’s there to safeguard us. To protect our interests. And it does this in four ways.

Firstly, by setting the Partnership’s strategy so that we have a common goal to work towards. It then sees that we stick to our goals by measuring progress against our aims, analysing performance and reporting transparently – checking we have the right policies and assurance in place. It also offers specialist advice, where Partners with expertise in that area advise on matters that aren’t part of our ‘day jobs’. And finally, it explores where we can harness shared capabilities on large impact projects and decisions to gain competitive advantage, through Property Services for example.

Our Group division keeps us on track. And so could you.

Latest Head Office opportunities

Head Office

Hotel and Leisure Catering Assistant - Bala Lake



£7.55 - £9.65

Closing Date: 4/9/2017

Head Office

Food Service Assistant - Odney Hotel


 Central England
South East England

£7.65 - £10.45

Closing Date: 10/9/2017

Head Office

Chef de Partie - Leckford Lodges and Camping


 South East England

£9.40 - £12.50 (Live out)

Closing Date: 31/8/2017