How it feels to be a year 2 Technology graduate

We asked Kris Surtees how his first year on the Technology Graduate Scheme has gone:
I can’t quite believe that an entire year has passed since I joined the Technology Graduate scheme at John Lewis.  In that time so much has been packed in to give us insight not only into the IT specific operation within John Lewis itself, but also into what’s happening more widely across the Partnership as a whole.  This, for me, is one of the most valuable aspects of the scheme.
It’s a fascinating time to be in retail with so much potential yet so much uncertainty and so it’s great to hear how areas outside of IT are preparing for, and adapting to, the constantly changing landscape as well as getting to work directly alongside graduates from various directorates to solve real business challenges.  So much change at the moment is technology driven, so it has been invaluable to spend time with Partners spanning so many different areas of IT and with such a range of experiences from both inside and outside of the Partnership.
I’ve been surprised by how much face-time we have been given with some of the most senior leaders in IT, offering us guidance and sharing their experiences with us to help us excel in our career with the Partnership.  I can’t wait to get started on the second year of the scheme, continuing to work across a broad swathe of areas within IT to provide me with the most rounded experience possible before deciding which route I wish to take in my career.


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