Opportunities and guidelines for school and college leavers

Year 11 (15/16 year olds)

Pretty soon you’ll have some big decisions to make: college course choices, possibly accommodation or finances – there’s certainly lots to think about. You could consider another route entirely – one where you’ll gain valuable experience in the world of work. By joining an Apprenticeship Programme in the John Lewis Partnership, you’ll get some of the best training the retail industry has to offer, leading to a host of brilliant opportunities within a number of areas across the business. And because you’ll be working from day one, you’ll be earning too, along with gaining a head start to your career.

Year 13 (17/18 year olds)

If you’re serious about a career in retail there is an alternative to university here at the John Lewis Partnership. Instead of racking up lots of debt, you could be earning from day one. We’ll help you fulfil your potential with the best training the industry has to offer. And where you go from there is up to you. The scale of the business means you’ve got almost limitless options. All you have to do is show you’ve got the drive to succeed and we’ll put you on the path to an exciting future. What’s more, you’ll be building your confidence and experience. So at the end of the scheme, you’ll have an impressive CV – as well as a good salary.

Teachers/Careers Advisers

Helping young people decide their future is a big responsibility and a difficult one too, given the high university fees and tough job market. Here’s another option you should know about. At the John Lewis Partnership, we want to give talented young people a first-class Apprenticeship programme. It gives them the chance to get a head start in the world of work, through expert, on-the-job training, which will set them up for an exciting career. They’ll be learning from the best in the business and developing invaluable skills. Once our Apprentices have completed the course, they’re free to steer their career in the direction they choose. In an extensive business like ours – and with our outstanding career development opportunities – the options are almost limitless. And all the while, our Apprentices are earning a competitive salary, not building a mountain of debt.


Higher Education is not for everyone. Some prefer to learn through experience. Others find the thought of a further two or three years in formal education daunting. The thought of leaving higher education with student loans to pay off is also a challenging prospect. Like any parent, you still want the best for your children and want to see them get the best start to the world of work.

In this situation it’s good to know that there are other options. Talented school or college leavers can now opt for an Apprenticeship at the John Lewis Partnership. It’s a chance to gain valuable work skills that will set them up for life. Our Apprenticeship programmes offer practical, on-the-job training which prepares young people for a promising future with us. Exposure to the world of work means they gain independence and confidence, whilst building long-term career prospects. Our structured development programmes can lead to any number of career routes within our business, which is growing and changing all the time. And crucially, our Apprentices earn a competitive salary, which means they have their own income – which has to be good news for everyone.

Latest opportunities

John Lewis

Customer Delivery Installer/Driver, Magna Park 3

 Milton Keynes

 Central England

Pay in range: £10.38 - £13.77 plus an additional 3.1% shift premium

Closing Date: 29/10/2017

John Lewis

Customer Delivery Driver PM Shift, Theale


 South East England

£10.38 - £13.77 + relevant shift premium

Closing Date: 20/10/2017

John Lewis

Catering Assistant - Magna Park 3

 Milton Keynes

 Central England

in the range of £7.55 - £9.10

Closing Date: 24/10/2017